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Tips and Tricks.

1. Delay: Delay until the craving to smoke passes. Cravings are difficult, but they usually pass fairly quickly. If you have a nicotine replacement therapy or nicotine vape use a small amount rather than have a cigarette. 
2. Drink: Drinking water may help to reduce cravings. In addition,
staying hydrated can ease some of the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal like hunger, fatigue, headaches, and sweating
3. Deep Breathing: Breathing deeply and slowly is a quick and  effective way to feel less tense at any time.

4. Distract: Distract yourself to shift your attention away from thoughts of smoking. Physical activity can improve your energy levels and help you focus on something other than your craving.
6. Discuss: Discuss your cravings with someone who understands them. Remember, you're not alone if you feel an urge to smoke.

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