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The Full Story.

Save Lungs Save Lives Stop Smoking Clinic has been created by a group of passionate medical professionals with one common goal: to successfully assist and support patients on their smoking cessation journey. We are not Big-Tobacco and we are not backed by them either. We are independent medical professionals who offer up to date services with the best available treatment options. We offer TGA registered products where available, and where not such as NVPs (Nicotine Vaping Products), we only offer compliant pharmaceutical grade products and ideally the best in class with product insurance.

We know there are people like you that want to stop smoking and we know it is hard to quit. The team at Save Lungs Save Lives takes a patient centered approach in guiding patients through the many alternatives available to aid the cessation of smoking tobacco. We thank our fellow doctors for their referrals into our program to help their patients quit smoking.


Patients of Save Lungs Save Lives Stop Smoking Clinic are given tools and educated on nicotine replacement options, pharmacotherapies and quality pharmaceutical grade NVPs. With a strong emphasis on harm reduction, our Doctors then provide prescription access that supports the journey of smoking cessation. Now is the time to quit smoking, and our goal is to help all Australians, Save Lungs and Save Lives.

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